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Opis smještaja

The apartments are located in the very centre of the 1700 year old city of Split, only seven metres away from the seaside, in the city?s culturally protected area. The premises overlook the sea, Riva (sea promenade of Split), marina, islands, etc.

The main attractions of Split are only two minutes walking distance from the apartments ? Split National Theatre, Marjan Hill (known among locals as 'the lungs of the city'), Jadran beach, Pjaca (the main square where you can find many pubs and restaurants), museums (Nautical, Archaeological, Ethnographic, etc.), the Poljud football stadium, and Diocletian's Palace ? one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the world and part of Unesco?s list of World Heritage.

When you leave the apartment, on your left you will find Riva, where you can enjoy the first morning coffee, or maybe try a local specialty in one of many restaurants. Riva is connected with another promenade called West Coast, and our apartments are situated where these two promenades meet.

This part of the city is called Matejuška. It is the traditonal part of Split, as it was and still is a place where fishermen meet in the early morning before setting off with their ships towards the open sea.  There are many stories about Matejuška; it is the city?s hub during the summer, where both locals and tourists go for a first drink before heading to the beach clubs. Matejuška is where the new and the old worlds meet ? you?ll find there old, wooden fishing boats girded with nets, while just a short distance away you?ll see tourist cruise ships and exclusive yachts. If you wake up early, you might even see fishermen returning from their shifts to unload their catches.

Locals have a saying ?Ćuti se povijest?, which means that you can almost feel, taste and smell the history of old Split. Matejuška is even older than Split and its palace. A natural cove, the sea in times past extended all the way to the walls of its houses. Matejuška has been an inspiration to many, especially poets and songwriters. Even today, youth gather at Matejuška and sing local songs in this natural ambiance.

Split and Matejuška will surely leave you speechless. You simply must come and see it for yourself!


A long time ago, when the emperor Diocletian just started building the city, his confidant lived in this house. This man was in charge of the Diocletian?s shipyard and fleet.

Many years later, the house served a different purpose. Thanks to its authentic exterior and interior it was an inspiration to many musicians ? a famous Croatian musician Jole, recorded his music video in the front yard of this house; the same year, scenes for a famous Croatian soap opera Lara, were shot in this house.

The apartments are completely furnished and all the installations have been recently renovated.

Other features:


Refrigerator with ice maker

Microwave/Oven (timer included)

Coffee machine

Lighting (with potentiometer)

A/C (Inverter)


Floor heating system

Cable TV

Ergonomic mattresses

Spacious and airy interior

Automatic blinds  



Just next to the house you can find a tavern ?Fife?, where you can try local cuisine at very reasonable prices. It?s a place where locals go and where you can enjoy the authentic ambiance of old Split. The guests of our apartments can book a table there for free, and they can also have breakfast at Fife for only 3 ? per person.

Our apartments

If you decide to come and stay with us during your visit to Split, you will be able to choose between four unique apartments, each with its own distinctive features and a name that describes its personality.

Amerigo Vespucci ? This apartment offers the same stunning view that the famous seafarer Vespucci had from the cabin on his ship.

Marco Polo ? This apartment is named after Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant, who was in love with Split. During his visits to Split, he stayed in the ground floor of this house.


We will be at your disposal 24/7.

You can contact us by email, phone (incl. Viber and WhatsApp) Skype, Facebook, etc.

At your request, we also organize excursions to national parks, islands, etc., and airport transfer.

Visit Split and discover its beauty and history.  Come and stay with us!


  • parking
  • klima uređaj
  • TV
  • hladnjak
  • štednjak
  • internet (WiFi)
  • dozvoljeno pušenje
  • ručnici
  • posteljina

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*Boravišna taksa je uključena u cijenu.

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