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Apartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, DubrovnikApartmani: Enjoy, Dubrovnik

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Only a few cities in the world can be compared to Dubrovnik. Tick stone walls have managed to preserve city`s independence for over seven centuries. The wide, paved street Stradun, filled with entertainment, commerce and religion is one pulsing beat. Famous sculptures and architectural master pieces reveal art treasures as public display. The way that the city walls rise and blend with the sky hills and the sea proves that the human presence can have an enriching effect to the environment. It is difficult to name all sights in Dubrovnik let alone to set some apart. 
This apartment in city for all seasons is located in part of Dubrovnik called Lapad. If you want to spend your vacations in peace and quiet environment, far from the city crowds, and also to have nearby all you need during your holidays, Lapad is the best choice for you. This part of Dubrovnik is situated 2-2.5 km from the Old Town. Great bus connections (bus number 6 runs every 10 minutes, the ride takes 10-15 minutes, ticket price is just 12,00 kunas / 1,66 euro and it's valid for an hour) makes Lapad one of the most famous parts of Dubrovnik. Lapad is a small center where you have everything: post office, bank, pharmacy, hairdresser, many small shops and supermarkets, one large shopping center (DOC). Also, there is a large beautiful walking area full of cafe bars and restaurants, at the end of which are many gorgeous beaches. In the part of Lapad called Babin Kuk you can enjoy in many sports activities such as volleyball, handball, tennis, and on Lapad there is also cinema Lapad and many restaurants. There is also one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik, Copacabana, bay of Lapad, beaches Neptun and President. 
If you choose this apartment You will surely experience Dubrovnik in the best way you can.


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Apartman 5 80 3/5 65 € 90 € 65 €

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  • Kontakt osoba: Katarina Šimundić
  • Adresa: Kralja Tomislava 8
  • Grad: Dubrovnik
  • Telefon: +(385)20832092
  • Mobitel: +(385)998033494
  • Web-stranica:
  • Vlasnik govori: Hrvatski, Engleski,

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